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Our prompt and simple delivery service will be on the road towards you after using our convenient online ordering facility. We can deliver 6 days a week with our tight access vehicles busy keeping your fire going.


Want to come learn about all our stock in range? You have a trailer that you want us to fill up? Or just want to hand pick certain size firewood, our depot in meadows is designed to make Firewood Pick-up EASY, FAST and FAIR

Who we are

Welcome to Hills Heat

Hills Heat is a family owned and operated retail firewood business that services the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas. We offer multiple varieties of quality split firewood for our customers. Whatever your needs are, fuel for heating, outdoor fires, or cooking heat we stock all firewood to accompany your needs.

Hills Heat endeavours to give you, as the customer options when purchasing firewood. The ability to choose the firewood that appeals to your heating needs while also giving you options of choice to suit your budget requirements. Our firewood depot is located at Meadows in the heart of the Adelaide Hills and is designed to provide a simple and easy pickup facility for our customers.

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Years of Experience

Products Available for Pickup and Delivery

Redgum Firewood

Redgum Firewood

Hills Heat Hardwood Firewood

Hardwood Firewood

Bluegum Firewood

Bluegum Firewood

Mallee Roots Firewood

Mallee Roots Firewood

Who we are

Why Choose Us?

Hills Heat has been sourcing firewood for 25+ years, we have established strong long-term relationships with firewood suppliers within our industry all around Australia. Ensuring Hills Heat the ability to source the highest quality product available.

When purchasing via our depot or by delivery, all firewood is weighed using certified weighing equipment, so the customer receives the exact amount of wood you are paying for.

Hills Heat supplies and delivers clean firewood. We have multiple cleaning processes we use when both stockpiling our firewood over summer periods and when delivering our firewood to the customer.

Our delivery service with the use of our custom-built delivery vehicles is a great benefit to our customers. We endeavour to place your firewood where you require whether it’s an undercover structure or tight access area.

Burning Hills Heat firewood can help reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. A CSIRO study for the Australian Greenhouse Office proved that Firewood produces the least amount of carbon dioxide compared to other heating energy sources.

Our Firewood is the ultimate environmental fuel... renewable, biodegradable & abundant supply

Hills Heat is actively sourcing all our firewood in a renewable sustainable way. Whilst being members of the Australian firewood association, it is our responsibility in bringing you quality firewood harvested in a positive long-term improvement for our environment and firewood industry.

Our Firewood is a natural storage of carbon which when burnt after being harvested correctly by our suppliers leaves less carbon emissions than wood left to rot and decay on the forest floor.

Wood is the original renewable fuel source and the trees sourced solar energy has been a used heating fuel since the dawn of humanity.

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

Hills Heat firewood sizes on average can range from as small as a 750ml water bottle and as large as a large work shoe box.
Hills Heat has a large portion of firewood stored undercover. When purchasing firewood weather picked- up or delivered be ensured the product will be dry.

Depending on how often someone is at the home throughout winter can be a big variant on what amount of firewood is needed.

If using the combustion heater, mostly in late afternoons, overnight and weekends 2-3 tonnes of firewood.

If you are home throughout the week as well as the weekends, then firewood usage may be 3-5+ tonnes of firewood.

For a gauge we often let our customers know that in a 6x4 standard trailer we fit about 400 kg of firewood to a water level. Meaning 2.5 6x4 trailers filled to water level will equate to roughly 1 tonne of firewood.
As a guide Hills Heat will deliver around 40 mins in any direction from the Retail Depot located at Vickery Road Meadows SA 5201. To check before ordering please search your address distance from Hills Heat Retail Depot.
Hills Heat offers a stacking service to its customers. This service is only available at certain times of the year. Available September to March (Firewood Offseason). Service is $100 an Hour, Per Person. Please ring us to enquire.

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