Pick up

Firewood delivery man

Come, Collect straight from the source. 

Hills Heat firewood depot was designed with space in mind to make our customer experience quick and easy. Our friendly experienced team are here to assist you, they will keep traffic flowing and prevent confusion when wanting to come in and hand pick your boot load. There is no fuss, we have a certified weighbridge and certified weight scales on our loaders. So, whether you hand pick your firewood or choose to be loaded by one of our team, you’re getting what you paid for. We also have a designated area where all firewood loads must be secured before departure. Come in and learn about our products, we have a process that is EASY, FAST and FAIR.

Pick up Benefits

Hand-select all your firewood to suit your needs.

No delivery costs.

Visual inspection of product before purchasing.

Purchase as little or as much as you want.

Eftpos and cash payment accepted.

Ability to sample multiple varieties of firewood.

Step 1

Weigh in
We'll weigh your vehicle to get a base before loading

Step 2

Load Up
Load your preferred firewood into your vehicle or trailer

Step 3

Weigh out
We'll weigh your vehicle now it's loaded and you can pay on exit

Our Location

Hills Heat is located at LOT 3 Vickery Rd, Meadows SA 5201.