Redgum Kindling Bags



a tonne

per bag

Hills Heat 10kg Redgum Kindling Bags pre-bagged for your convenience.

  • 100% Sustainably grown firewood.
  • Small firewood splits and chunks.

Please note that kindling bags must be ordered along with a minimum of half a tonne of firewood to be valid for delivery.

Our Firewood is the ultimate environmental fuel... renewable, biodegradable & abundant supply

Hills Heat is actively sourcing all our firewood in a renewable sustainable way. Whilst being members of the Australian firewood association, it is our responsibility in bringing you quality firewood harvested in a positive long-term improvement for our environment and firewood industry.

Our Firewood is a natural storage of carbon which when burnt after being harvested correctly by our suppliers leaves less carbon emissions than wood left to rot and decay on the forest floor.

Wood is the original renewable fuel source and the trees sourced solar energy has been a used heating fuel since the dawn of humanity.

Hills Heat sustainability

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